The map shows places of our wanderings.


A brief overview of our last moves
  • The second half of 2017 – Back from Asia, big cultural shock, admiring beauties of our small mountainous green country.
  • August 2016 to Jun 2017 – We are hitchhiking to wild Asia, indefinitely. 10 months on the road.
  • The first half of 2016 – We are preparing together in Kosice on the great adventure into the wild Asia, we also organize travel presentations.
  • Autumn and Winter 2015 – Klochy is exploring Erasmus Europe and Jurky is enjoying the beauties of Slovakia.
  • Summer 2015 – We quit a job and travel across the US in low-cost and dirty way.

Let’s see how far will lead our next trip to the east…. /Updated 2017: amazing journey finished in Cambodia. On the road again soon…/



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